Friday, February 15, 2008

Makenzy's Story

What is it like to be a big brother or sister to a kid with a heart defect? Makenzy, age 8, has a sister who is one and has a HLHS. Here' s what she wrote...

When my mom had Jameson, I was very sad. My Aunt had to lie in bed with me sometimes at night and talk to me about it. My Aunt and uncle were watching me and my sister while my parents were gone. When I came to see Jameson at the hospital, I was sad when I saw the stuff they had on her. But I was very happy to see my parents and Jameson.

I remember the first time Jameson came home. Me and my sister really wanted to hold her but we couldn’t. My parents told me that she was very sick and thought it might hurt her. The first time I saw her scar I started to cry. My parents told me everything was OK. WE have to wash our hands before we touch Jameson because it is important we don’t get her sick. We do not go out much because Jameson might get sick.

I am very happy that my sister is here with us today.

Thank you for sharing your story, Makenzy! Lots of other kids, like you, have brothers and sister's with CHD. I'm sure they will like to hear your story, because they have a lot of the same feelings you do. Jameson is lucky to have you as a big sister!

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