Saturday, February 16, 2008

CHD Awareness Poem

Your help is needed
And that’s not all,
we need awareness,
for the little and small.

We need your help,
to spread the word ...
of congenital heart defects,
for little have heard!

This is a deadly defect,
affecting many that are born,
turning lives upside down ..
leaving dreams shattered and torn.

Congenital heart defects,
known as CHD's,
are the #1 birth defect,
but a hidden disease.

Doses of medicine,
many times each day,
a little child,
that can't run or play,
his little heart,
can't take the stress,
his little body
just needs to rest.

A little baby
that struggles to eat,
with tiny blue lips,
and hands, and feet.
A mother stands by
her baby's grave,
praying through research,
others will be saved!

Written by Angela Brooks

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