Monday, February 4, 2008

Inspiration for Change

Recently, songwriter of Black Eyed Peas fame wrote a song to accompany one of Obama's speeches. While I'm not a fan of politics, I was moved by the emotion portrayed in the video, and by the words... whether or not they are rhetoric. On the website he created to feature this video ( wrote:

When you are truly inspired..
magic happens...
incredible things happen...
love happens..
(and with that combination)

Inspiration breeds change...

What does this have to do with CHD Awareness? Many things. It shows how powerful video media can be. It shows that by inspiring people, action can be created. It shows that many are willing to join in a cause they believe in.

But over all this, this video was a reminder... that through inspiration, change is acquired. I've been inspired by the other CHD moms who are tackling this issue by my side. And by the surgeons and cardiologists who are at this very moment finding new paths of treatment, new ways to save lives.

Take a look at this video created by a mom from the Central Virginia Mended Little Hearts group to promote CHD Awareness.

After gaining this inspiration and insight, one can't help but feel a spark of hope, and an emblazoned desire to create change. Creating awareness is a HUGE challenge, but messages like these drive me to take action. Can we inspire others through our small movement? Can we cultivate this plight for awareness, and in doing so, save lives? YES WE CAN.

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