Thursday, October 1, 2009

Health care system holds heart patients hostage

Check out ABC News' Hostages Dying for Healthcare Reform article... it sounds just like my family, does it sound like yours?

Some takeaways from the article:
  • Many of us are captive to our big company insurance plans - no other companies will take us, and if we lapse in our policies, we're out of luck due to pre-existing conditions.
  • In 2005, 60% of all bankruptcies were related to medical expenses. Wonder what it is now that the recession is in full swing...
  • Heart conditions account for $123 billion in health expenses a year.
We may not agree within our community of heart warriors what the best solution is for health care reform, but we have all, likely, lived first-hand the need for change. Take a moment to write your congressional representative and share your story with them.


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Anonymous said...

We are a family that is new to the world of CHD & the financial issues that go along with it. Our son was born in June of 2009 with several chd's. He had surgery within a week of his birth & is about to have another surgery. Families like ours are falling through the cracks of the health care system. Thank you for posting this.

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Sure the recession has made it very difficult a survival for many and specially for some with diseases where expensive treatments and cuts on medical insurance has made the situation worst.there should be some Govt thought here I think.

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This is indeed a very sad stage where there is nothing you could do.I think the rules of the medical insurance should all be changed for the benefit of the patients and not the companies one way.

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