Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Congenital Heart Futures Act - Now a Reality!

Late yesterday the Congenital Heart Futures Act (Bill S. 621 in the Senate and HR 1570 in the House) was introduced to Congress! In the Senate, Senator Dick Durbin of Illinois led the charge joined by Senator Thad Cochran of Mississippi. In the House, the bill's lead co-sponsors were Representative Zach Space of Ohio and Representative Gus Bilirakis of Florida. We are thrilled that this groundbreaking piece of legislation has already received bipartisan support.

So what's next? Like any piece of legislation, the Congenital Heart Futures Act has to get majority support in both the House and Senate in order to be passed. Please email your Senators and Congressman today to ask them to become a co-sponsor of this legislation. It just takes a minute - here's how you do it:
  1. Go to and to look up your representatives and their email address.

  2. Draft your email - Here is a template to get you started.

    Dear [Lawmaker name here]

    I am writing as a member of the Adult Congenital Heart Association to ask for your help in making a brighter future for all those born with heart defects. Yesterday the Congenital Heart Futures Act, legislation calling for research, surveillance, and education in congenital heart disease, was introduced in the Senate by Senators Durbin and Cochran and in the House by Representatives Bilirakis and Space. I am writing to ask you to co-sponsor these bills (S. 621 and H.R. 1570) and help all those born with heart defects live longer, healthier lives.

    Congenital heart disease is this country’s number one birth defect and kills twice as many children as childhood cancer. Although many children now undergo successful heart repair, most will require special life-long care and face high risks of developing additional heart problems. But up until now there has been virtually no federal investment to address the research and education needs of the 1.8 million Americans now living with congenital heart disease.

    [Insert 2-3 sentences saying why you care – some examples:

    From an adult patient: Since being born in 1956 with a complex heart defect, I have undergone 4 open heart surgeries and am currently on disability due to my heart. I have struggled to get the information and care I need to take care of my rare condition, as doctor after doctor answer my questions with, “we just don’t know”. The federal government should use my tax dollars to do the research to get those questions answered, so that both today's adults and tomorrow's children get better care.

    For a parent: My daughter was born with a complex heart defect and underwent three open heart surgeries before she was three. I want to be hopeful for her future, but right now I know there is a severe lack of research, awareness, and resources available to help us help her do well as she gets older. Please help me help my daughter survive to become a healthy, productive parent and grandparent.

    From a health care provider: As a doctor taking care of congenital heart patients I struggle to find the information and resources I need to help these patients thrive. These patients face high risks of developing additional heart problems as they age, and we have limited information on best treatment strategies. Many health care providers are unprepared to care for their complex life-long needs. Please help me protect this pioneering and vulnerable population.

    To sign on as a co-sponsor of the bill, House Members should contact Dan Farmer with Rep. Space at (202) 225-6265 to discuss support of H.R. 1570. Senators should contact Sara Singleton with Senator Durbin at (202) 224-2152 re: S. 621.

    Thank you in advance for your help in securing a future for all those living with congenital heart disease.


    [full mailing address]

  3. Make your letter personal to you. The template has a place to add two or three sentences (more is NOT better in this case!) about why this legislation matters to you personally, and offers some samples to help get you started.

  4. Send your email. Be sure to include your full mailing address as well as your email address. Don't use US mail, since thanks to the anthrax scare it now takes many weeks for mail to arrive in Congress.
That's all there is to it! After your done, take a moment to pass this news on to your friends, family and colleagues.

If you are a constituent of Senators Durbin or Cochran or Representatives Space and Bilirakis, we encourage you to email or call their office and let them know how much you appreciate their leadership of this effort.

Need more information? Contact with any questions.


Amy said...

Thank you for posting this! Our beautiful son died on October 31, 2008 (two weeks before his 3rd birthday). I have put this information on a few of my message boards with the hope and prayer that we can prevent anyone from having to bury their innocent child.

Danine said...

I also say thank you for posting this. I too am passing this info along and getting to sending the "push" to my senator and reps!

Laurel Nelson said...

Hallelujah! How wonderful that it has already been introduced! Please everyone help get all the support for this that we can!!

~Kim~ said...

Would you mind if I add this to my blog as well?

Kim said...

Yes - please post and repost - spread the word!

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It would be good to approve this law ... s quite necessary to implement laws how are you to better manage health care in this country .. thanks for the support!

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