Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Become a CHD Advocate!

When you are a survivor, or a parent of a child that is or was affected by a CHD, you often feel helpless in a sea of insurance, legislation and lack of information. Many many of us never knew that 1 in 120 children born each day are affected with CHD before we received a diagnosis. And almost everyone affected wants to change that.

Many groups across the U.S. are working on providing support and comfort to people affected by a CHD diagnosis. But who is working with our legislators and government agencies to bring about desperately needed change? How can we create a better future for CHD survivors?

The answer? The National Congenital Heart Coalition. Formed just over a year ago, this coalition is the culmination of six major, US national groups' efforts to create a climate of change for our disease. We seek to create better avenues of awareness and advocacy, which in turn will lead to greater focus on research and technological advancements that will save lives through earlier diagnosis, better screening, advancements in quality of life and surgical breakthroughs. Consisting of the Adult Congenital Heart Association (ACHA), the Children's Heart Foundation (CHF), Children's Heart Information Network (CHIN), Mended Little Hearts (MLH), Saving Little Hearts, It's My Heart (IMH) and Little Hearts, this newly founded organization is already making strides in unifying our cause. Current projects include the creation of a unified message, creating a presence in government agencies who monitor CHD and distribute funds for research and, most recently, a unified effort in lobbying our government for a central registry of CHD statistics.

Lobby Day has been a significant effort undertaken by the ACHA over the two years. This year, the entire National Coalition (NCHC) is behind the effort, and YOU are invited to help us make a difference! You are welcome to attend the lobby day, which will be held on February 10, 2009 in Washington DC. Or, you may learn how to participate in your own local area.

Online registration is now open and available at:

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